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Animal Proofing

Shamrock Wildlife Services provides painless and affordable animal proofing. We will do our best to prevent any animals from accessing your home. Animal trapping and removal methods can be sufficient, but animal proofing can prevent anything that could happen in the future. Many business and homeowners prefer this over trapping! Call (219) 707-1968 to get a free estimate for wildlife animal proofing, exclusion, and repair of any damage caused by animals.

What do we do to animal-proof?

First, we conduct a careful inspection of your property to determine anything that a raccoon, bat, beaver, squirrel, etc., would be attracted to. It is important to remember to try to see through the eyes of that animal. Things that attract these animals could be things like holes in your roof or under your deck. Some animals also love low hanging branches so they can get on your roof and eventually in your house with ease. These will be pointed out or removed if possible.

Fixing Holes and Animal Breaches

Once all attractants have been removed, we check the entire building for any other animals that have made it inside. They will be humanely removed if found. After all the animals are out, we will start to seal the building. We seal any small crack through which an animal can fit, from your roof to your foundation. We use various methods to seal small spaces, such as outdoor spray foam to seal little crack around your building. We can also seal bigger holes that animals have made.

Trying to animal-proof on your own can be dangerous without the correct knowledge. Though Shamrock Wildlife Services offers many different benefits, we highly recommend you take advantage of our animal proofing. Animals can expose you or your family to many different health hazards.

Exclusion/Deck Exclusion

Decks are great for our recreation, but they’re also a tempting home to many small- to medium-sized animals. Wooden decks often become homes to these animals because they’re accessible. Most animals can find a way in through small holes that they may create or by digging under whatever guard you may have to stop them. Animals such as raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels, and chipmunks are most likely to make a home under your deck.

Be sure not to try to remove the animals yourself. Without the professional equipment and knowledge, removing critters could be hazardous. Burrowing animals can become defensive if their burrows are upset, for example. These animals can be quite a nuisance, but lucky for you, Shamrock Wildlife Services is here to solve your deck infestation.

What is a Deck Exclusion?

When conducting a deck exclusion we first identify any animals that are under your deck. Once they are removed, we seal up any holes or cracks that may have enticed them. We will also block your deck off from any animal that may want to burrow their way under as well. Shamrock Wildlife Services is here to fix your animal problem without damaging your beautiful deck.

We recommend you contact a professional to perform these procedures. For animal proofing, animal removal and attic repair contact Shamrock Wildlife Services Today (219) 707-1968.