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Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Animal Proofing

& Damage Repairs in Northwest Indiana

Wildlife in your home, office, farm, or building can cause serious structural damage. Wildlife can also carry diseases, such as rabies, tick fever, Powassan virus encephalitis, giardia, and leptospirosis. Shamrock Wildlife Services of Northwest Indiana provides safe and humane wildlife removal for raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, bats, beavers, moles, muskrats, skunks, foxes and coyotes. We repair any damage caused by the animal.
Do you have unwanted wildlife animals in your home, office, farm, or building? Call (219) 707-1968 for a free estimate.


Shamrock Wildlife Services has well-trained staff led by Ryan, who holds a degree in Conservation Law Enforcement from Vincennes University. We serve homes, offices, farms, and commercial buildings in Northwest Indiana. We are ready when you need us, 24/7.

Whether we live in the country or the city, at one point or another we’ve all dealt with wildlife in or around our homes. Most of us can appreciate wildlife in their natural settings. However, when a raccoon or bat made their homes in our attics or walls, or a groundhog or fox have babies under our deck or patio, these animals become less appealing and more of a nuisance. Shamrock Wildlife Services is here to help. We are a family-owned company that provides safe and humane wildlife removal. Not only will we remove nuisance animals from your property, we will also repair most damages. At Shamrock Wildlife Services, we genuinely enjoy wildlife and all that we do for our customers when these critters cause problems.


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