Beaver Removal

Beavers are semi-aquatic rodents, which makes them particularly troublesome if they have made a home on your property. As carriers of a variety of diseases, beavers can easily spread disease to you and other animals on your property through contaminated water.

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Our Beaver Removal Process

We have many different styles of traps to use in order to remove a beaver from your water. Though they present a unique challenge, a skilled trapper can identify the highly trafficked areas and set traps on them. Once the animals are removed we then look toward permanent proofing options to stop damming from happening again in the future.

Permanent Beaver Proofing and Dam Deterrent

There are a multitude of different fixes we can fabricate to stop beavers from damming an area. Some spots we have an easy time installing a pre-made product to keep them out, but other times we need to make something completely custom! The main idea is to keep water flow through the dammed areas even if they are being dammed up. We also provide dam removal, but we must pair the removal with a permanent fix as well to stop future damages and water flow.

Large Beaver Dam

Pipe Extension

Pipe Extension

Beaver Damage Repair

In addition to felling trees on your property, beaver dams may cause flooding by blocking culverts and storm drains. We ensure effective drainage on your property by protecting and repairing clogged culverts, drains, and piping. In addition, we can fit drains with a BeaverCone to stop damming permanently. Ask us about how this process works!




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