Bird Removal

Birds can nest in many different areas of a house or business. They often will take up residence in holes of siding or unprotected vents. Permanent bird proofing can be tricky but effective in keeping them off your property and out of your vents. We provide safe removal of birds by doing an exclusion. We install a one-way cone to allow them to leave, then we close the area up after a period of time has passed and the bird has left.

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What do we do for bird problems?

The first task is always to remove the birds from the areas they are nesting. Sometimes this will require us to wait for their young to be able to fly out. When all birds are to age, we install a one-way cone to allow them to leave, then we permanently close the area off where they were entering. This permanent fix could be an animal proof vent cover or a steel patch on siding, among other things. We also provide physical proofing, such as bird spikes, and waste cleaning services.

Birds that commonly cause problems include:

House Sparrow

The house sparrow is a somewhat aggressive bird that will nest in many areas of a house. They build a somewhat messy nest and will take advantage of another bird’s nest by evicting it and taking up residence.

European Starling

We often see starlings nesting in bathroom vents. They will become territorial during their nesting season during early to mid-spring. Their nests are coarse and typically made of sticks.


A sociable bird that typically nests and forages in large flocks. They prefer domestic environments and we typically see them in larger scale warehouse buildings. Both sexes feed their young and they will breed year round.

Chimney Swift

A small almost black bird with a brownish-gray throat, the chimney swift will choose a chimney flue to take residence in over many other options. They do migrate south for the winter so we will close the chimney off after they leave for the season. A family of chimney swifts can eat an incredible 12,000 insects a day!

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