Animal Trapping & Removal

Bat Removal

Learn more about bat removal, trapping, control, and repair of any damage caused by the bats in Northwest Indiana.

Raccoon Removal

Not only can raccoons destroy a home or business, chewing through almost anything and defecating everywhere, they can also carry rabies and a number of diseases in their feces and urine.

Squirrel REmoval

Squirrels can, in fact, carry diseases that could be harmful to humans. These diseases include rabies, tick fever, and Powassan virus encephalitis.

Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs will enter your yard to find food or a safe place to burrow. We provide safe groundhog removal with different methods to keep groundhogs from digging at the foundation of your deck or house.

Bird Removal

Birds can nest in many different areas of a house or business. They often will take up residence in holes of siding or unprotected vents. Permanent bird proofing can be tricky but effective in keeping them off your property and out of your vents.

Beaver Removal

We have many different styles of traps to use in order to remove a beaver from your water. Though they present a unique challenge, a skilled trapper can identify the highly trafficked areas and set traps on them.

Live Animal Removal

In many cases, animals living on your property tend to leave during the day and return at night. Animals leave clues of their hideouts that help in locating them. We not only safely trap and remove the animal from your property, we also animal proof the property to make sure no more animals return. Wildlife can be dangerous and unpredictable and should be handled only by a licensed professional. Call (219) 707-1968 to learn more about raccoon removal, trapping, control and repair of any damage.

Deceased Animal Removal

If you found a deceased animal in your house or on your property, we can remove that as well. This includes deer or any other animal that you would like removed from your property. We will also remove any deceased animals from your home or attic if they are found during assessment. The animals that we remove are taken to decompose naturally within the cycle of life.

Call (219) 707-1968 to learn more about wildlife animal removal, trapping, control and repair of any damage.

Shamrock Wildlife Services cannot provide domestic animal control.

We know Indiana wildlife well, but domestic animals and house pets are a different issue. If you have a problem with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, we have provided a few options for animal control in our five serviced counties below:

  • Lake County: (219)-769-7016
  • Porter County: (219)-477-3110
  • Newton County: (219)-285-6777
  • Jasper County: (219)-866-8756
  • La Porte County: (219)-362-1637

Looking for wildlife removal, animal proofing or damage repair in Northwest Indiana?

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