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Attic Repair & Restoration

Animal habitation in your attic causes extensive damage and can be very harmful to your health. We restore your property to its original condition and ensure complete cleanliness. Concerned about the health risks of animal droppings and damage in your attic? Call (219) 707-1968 and ask about our Attic Repair & Restoration services.

Attic Cleaning Services

After removing the animal inhabiting your attic—be it a squirrel, raccoon, or bird—it’s essential to clean up its droppings and urine. If the animal was removed quickly, a simple spot clean and vacuuming may be enough to decontaminate and restore the attic.
However, if the attic has a considerable build-up of droppings, we strongly recommend additional restoration services, including insulation replacement, air duct sanitization, and material replacement. Feces build-up can result in dust and fungal spore release into the air, which can travel through air ducts. It can also accelerate rot and attract parasites and mites.

Insulation Replacement

Animals like raccoons, squirrels, and birds often use your insulation to build nests in your attic. To ensure cleanliness and well-being, we will often recommend insulation replacement. Oftentimes, homeowner insurance will cover the cost of insulation replacement, which makes the service an easy win for property owners who are repairing animal nuisance damage.

Have you had an animal nuisance in your attic? Call (219) 707-1968 and ask about our Attic Repair & Restoration services.


Animal nuisance attic repair, restoration, and decontamination services in Northwest Indiana.