Attic Cleaning & Repair

Animal habitation in your attic causes extensive damage and can be very harmful to your health. We restore your property to its original condition and ensure complete cleanliness. 

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Our Attic Cleaning Services

After removing the animal inhabiting your attic—be it a bat, raccoon, or bird—it’s essential to clean up its droppings and urine. The best way to fix insulation damaged by animals is to remove it, and replace it entirely. This process is called an Attic Restoration. First, we completely remove all of the insulation that is in the area. Second, we disinfect and deodorize the entire attic space. Next, we ensure the attic is properly ventilated with baffle vents. Lastly, we reinsulate the attic with a blown fiberglass insulation, or insulation batts. We will also be able to clean or remove your damaged items from the attic space. After an animal has nested and soiled your attic, an attic restoration is the best way to mitigate future issues!

Waste and Mold Cleaning

Raccoons and bats will often defecate in areas of your attic or garage spaces. A simple cleaning method involving removal of the waste and a scrub with a commercial grade deodorizer and disinfectant will ensure no diseases will be present after the droppings.

Insulation Replacement

Replacing insulation is an important part of any attic restoration. We can also insulate other areas of a house to bring them up to code, or to simply update areas where insulation has settled over the years. You may not know it, but you may be losing money on your energy bill because your insulation is not doing its job properly! Call us for an inspection to see if you could benefit from more, or new insulation.

Have you had an animal nuisance in your attic?

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