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Coyote Removal

Coyote removal, coyote trapping, coyote damage repair in Northwest Indiana

Coyotes have adapted extraordinarily well to the presence of humans, making them a common nuisance for property owners. They can wreak havoc on livestock owners and attack domesticated animals like cats, dogs, or chickens. Do you need help removing a coyote from your property? Call (219) 707-1968 to learn more about coyote removal, trapping, control, and repair of any damage caused by the coyote.

Our Coyote Trapping Process

Depending on the age, size, and aggressiveness of the coyote, we may use different methods to trap a coyote. There are a variety of traps that we use depending on the coyote’s patterns. Coyotes can be difficult to pattern, because they have a home range of eight to ten miles. They may not be back to an area for 2 or more weeks. We find that coyotes typically check any trap we set about seven or eight times before they interact with it.

Night hunting is a faster and more effective method for coyote removal. Curious about how our coyote night hunting process could help protect your property? Call (219) 707-1968 to discuss our coyote hunting and trapping process.

No matter the case, you can count on us to safely and humanely capture and remove coyotes from your property.

Coyote Damage Repair

Although coyotes are capable of jumping over fences as tall as 7 feet, they usually prefer to dig and crawl underneath fences, porches, and decks. This can cause some significant damage over time if left exposed. It also leaves your property vulnerable to other wildlife nuisances, like raccoons, skunks, and possums.

We also offer many different types of exclusions for decks, sheds and houses. An exclusion is where we force an animal out of an area and close it off permanently so they can’t return. We will install a high grade L shaped wire mesh on the bottom of the structure, which will be partially buried under the ground. This prevents entry in open points and prevents entry from digging.

Do you suspect a coyote has gained access to your property? Call (219) 707-1968 to have an expert assess whether your property has been damaged by a coyote. We provide free estimates for coyote removal, trapping, control, and repair of any damage caused by the coyote.


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